mConsole: the medical console for centralized access to the EHR-environment

If you want to access all of a patient or client's medical data quickly and easily then mConsole, the medical console for care providers, offers the solution.

Easy to use

mConsole is a digital portal based on modern web technology. This portal is directly linked to the medical database. In practice users of mConsole see nothing more than a pleasantly designed and easy to operate access screen on their computer. However, the technology behind it is highly advanced. It ensures that this portal provides care providers with access to the complete EHR-environment of the patient/client with whom they have a care relationship. Both to view it and to make entries in it.

No restrictions

mConsole is flexible. This means that the portal provides secure and reliable access to every possible application to which the medical database is linked. In practice mConsole offers a high degree of ease and overview.

It's this easy

A care provider can log in to mConsole using their existing organisation login code and password, after which they can easily select their patients/clients. mConsole then 'loads' all the information available about the selected patient/client. The various dossier modules integrate seamlessly with mConsole to create a powerful resource.

mConsole always fits

The mConsole portal can be launched as a freestanding application, but can also be integrated seamlessly into an existing care providers portal. mConsole smoothly incorporates external applications into the user interface. An existing care providers portal can therefore be enhanced with new functionalities. mConsole always fits in.