Each one to his own: you provide the care, we provide the technology

Information technology for use in a medical context is a complex and specialised area. The primary role of care providers is to look after the health of their patients and clients, which is why Code24 supports them with the technical expertise they require. As a result of our many years of experience within the healthcare sector, we are aware of the IT needs that exist within healthcare institutions.


Code24 will be pleased to advise you with regard to the issues that you face within your organisation in the area of the management of medical information. We can also advise you about the most effective and most suitable way of setting up your IT architecture and Electronisch Health Record environment.

Tailor-made training

As the majority of care providers will come into contact with IT to one extent or another as they carry out their duties, Code24 holds a variety of workshops and training courses about the openEHR and about the ISO/EN13606 (a standard for Electronic Health Record communication). Medical staff and technical staff alike can get off to a flying start if they are able to gain a rapid understanding of this technology and are in a position to manage it effectively. The workshops and training courses take place at a location of the client's choice. What is more, Code24 provides its courses tailor-made, in line with the needs and preferences of the care organisation concerned.