What our clients think

A wide range of healthcare institutions are now using solutions produced by Code24 and if their responses are anything to go by, they are certainly satisfied with their choice.

'It works brilliantly'

Various members of the nursing staff, live-in supervisors and specialists at a mental healthcare institution in the North of the Netherlands have been using a new reporting module from Code24 since autumn 2013. That module was seamlessly integrated into the Electronisch Health Record that is in use within that particular care organisation. Soon after it was implemented, the staff within the organisation started to reap the benefits it provides in their everyday work. Here is a selection of their responses:

  • 'When it comes to reporting, this upgrade is a genuine UP-grade! It makes everything a whole lot easier.'
  • 'It looks great! It's extremely easy to follow and it works really well. I've now been working with it for an hour and am already very pleased with it'
  • 'All that clicking in order to read or write a report is finally a thing of the past!'
  • 'With this module, there are fewer steps to carry out and everything works nice and quickly. Once you have saved your document, your input can be seen alongside all of the other reports. It's great. Another stressful task we no longer need to worry about.'

Our clients