This is Code24

Code24 B.V. is an innovative software development company located in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Driven by great passion and dedication, our efforts are devoted entirely to the development of IT applications that can be used in the healthcare sector. We specialise in providing smart, web-based solutions for care providers that are also easy to use.
Thanks to those solutions, they are able to rely upon a single, manageable and comprehensive overview of all of their patient's and client's medical details, even if that information originates from a variety of systems.

Our vision

It is important that Electronic Health Record data can be exchanged between a variety of systems and organisations simply and easily. Not only will that generate cost savings, but it will also benefit patient care and will contribute towards the quality of life of the patients themselves.

Our mission

Our systems enable the exchanging of data between different systems and organisations to run like a well-oiled machine. We achieve this by developing IT concepts that are non-supplier-specific and are based upon a global standard for the management and storage of medical data.

Our approach

Code24 works in close collaboration with professionals in the healthcare sector. We also possess many years of experience of working in care institutions both at home and abroad. As a result, we are completely familiar with the IT problems faced by the healthcare sector. In order to achieve the most effective outcomes, we frequently collaborate with other experts, for the simple reason that we feel that it is important to utilise all of the knowledge and expertise that is available in this area in order to achieve a single, robust and integrated IT architecture that can be used in the healthcare sector.

Guaranteed quality

In order to guarantee the security and reliability of our IT solutions, we apply the philosophy of Dr. W. Edward Deming and the GAMP method. As a result, our clients can be certain that in doing business with Code24, they will receive structurally validated and future-proof IT solutions of a high level of quality.

Will you be the next to join our team?

Code24 B.V. offers a challenging position for an advanced PHP programmer. Code24 B.V. is an innovative Dutch established software development company with its main office located in Alkmaar. We have a great passion for IT and the health care environment and we are specialised in providing smart and easy to use web based solutions for health care providers.

Because of the strong growing demand we are looking to strengthen our team with a:

Front-end Javascript/PHP Programmer (Junior or Medior) M/F
Back-end PHP Programmer (Medior or Senior) M/F