Base24: the medical database for standardized data storage

Base24 is a highly advanced medical database that functions as an inexhaustible source of medical data. The database operates in a non supplier-specific way and complies with the openEHR standard.

Simple to use, day in, day out

Base24 is quick and simple to use for healthcare providers and patients/clients alike. With Base24, managing, viewing and exchanging medical data with other parties operates like a well-oiled machine. The constant quality of data ensures that all stakeholders can access exactly the same (current) data at any given moment. In addition, Base24 makes use of the required authorisation software, in order to protect both data and individuals.

Integration with systems in place within the organisation

The power of Base24 lies in its capabilities: not only do we integrate entire Electronic Health Records in Base24, but can seamlessly link other functionalities and organisation-specific information models together. This means that the most diverse range of medical data can now be accessed using Base24: from the results of eHealth programmes and the results of laboratory analyses to the input provided by patients/clients by answering questionnaires or the medical history of a patient. This enables Base24 to offer unlimited flexibility in order to facilitate transparency, whilst serving the needs that exist on the part of healthcare organisations, care providers and critical care consumers.

Sustainable management

The Base24 Database Suite can also be used as:

  • a data storage facility for a specific application.
  • a central archive for the storage of medical information This involves the sending of medical data to Base24 in digital format, whilst the original information continues to be stored in the organisation's existing application.

A combination of these systems is also possible.