Client360: connects clients and care providers in a unique way

What can we do in order to enable patients and clients to access all of their medical information in a secure manner, regardless of the actual location in which that information has been stored? Code24 has developed the Client360 eco-system, in collaboration with Info Support. This is a client portal that provides access to the entire range of EHR data that a healthcare organisation holds about a specific patient or client.

Clearly laid out and readily accessible

Using Client360, a patient or client is able to view all of the information within a secure environment and is even able to add information themselves. The portal is clearly laid out, readily accessible and provides a high degree of transparency.

A single point of access, including for healthcare providers

A major plus-point lies in the fact that the patient or client makes use of the same medical data as his/her designated healthcare providers. In that way, they are always up to date with regard to individual treatment plans, claims and the medical history of a patient/client. In addition, Client 360 supports all online interactions between a patient/client and the healthcare provider. After all, providing transparency is no longer simply a matter of providing details of the treatment itself, but also regarding the dialogue that has taken place between the parties involved.

Integration with the Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The secret of Client360 lies in the degree of integration it provides: the application can be seamlessly integrated within the EHR-environment used within the healthcare organisation. Using Client360, Code24 has been successful in unlocking all data, including the entire Electronic Health Record that a healthcare organisation has created for the patient/client concerned.

Dynamic and flexible

As healthcare organisations are dynamic institutions and patients/clients are becoming ever more critical, Client360 is able to keep pace with these developments. The system is so flexible that expanding it to include new functions is easy.

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