Setting the standard in medical data storage

Care providers share the same mission - to provide their patients and clients with the very best level of care - so it's comforting to know that behind the scenes, the associated medical information is easy to record and exchange. In order to achieve that, however, it is necessary to ensure that a standardised system is used for the storage of medical information. Code24 possesses both the knowledge, expertise and the solutions to turn that need into reality.

Non supplier-specific solutions

Code24 develops standardised, non supplier-specific solutions for healthcare organisations. From medical databases and a referral to reporting module for care providers and a client portal for healthcare organisations. Suppliers and healthcare organisations no longer need to have any worries about their own data storage system - Code24 will link together existing data facilities, effortlessly and efficiently.

Driving down costs benefits healthcare

On an everyday basis, streamlining and making available medical information creates a system in which all of the necessary information is easy and convenient to find. The benefits of this are felt straight away, in that organisational costs are reduced and patient care is improved. In this way, healthcare organisations are making a direct contribution towards improving the quality of life.


When it comes to reporting, this upgrade is a genuine UP-grade! It makes everything a whole lot easier
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All that clicking in order to read or write a report is finally a thing of the past!
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No healthcare organisation is the same

Code24 primarily works on behalf of healthcare organisations. Our knowledge of and expertise in the healthcare sector means that we are aware of the requirements imposed by organisations in the name of cost efficiency, along with the demands made of care providers by the government and by critical care consumers.

Non supplier-specific solutions

A robust IT architecture for the storage and processing of the massive quantity of medical data will certainly help care organisations fulfil those demands. Code24 is endeavouring to standardise the storage of medical data in a non supplier-specific format. This means that all standards in use within healthcare organisations can be integrated seamlessly into the solutions we provide. After all, standards 'interact' with other standards.

Quality of service provision

Complex interfaces are no longer needed and hiring consultants at expensive hourly rates is a thing of the past. This, in turn, creates scope to develop innovative functionalities that will enable healthcare organisations to offer their patients, clients or staff with services of a higher quality that are even more convenient to use.

Freedom for the organisation

Every stakeholder must be able to access information quickly. The solutions we provide consist of a secure environment in which all data can be found. Though the solutions themselves are standardised, they do, in fact, offer flexibility. Healthcare organisations have complete freedom to add their own functionalities to solutions from Code24. Every patient is different, in the same way that no healthcare organisation is the same as another.

Well protected, but always accessible.


Code24 develops data storage solutions that are compliant with non supplier-specific openEHR (Electronic Health Record) standard belonging to the openEHR foundation. This enables our solutions to satisfy the most stringent requirements relating to the storage, management, access and exchange of medical information on any device (PC, smartphone or tablet).

Security and privacy

No 'back-doors' have been built into our solutions. The data stored within the systems is thoroughly protected by means of authorisation software and access privileges, in order to guarantee the privacy of patients, clients and healthcare providers. This means that it is possible to identify which user creates, amends or views an item of medical information, amongst other things.

A uniform, open standard that offers a great many solutions


Healthcare organisations have access to extensive systems in which they store medical information. In many cases, those systems are unable to interface with one another. The result of this is that medical data relating to a given patient or client is stored in a number of places within a single care institution.

Centrally accessible

Thanks to Code24, those systems are able to interact with one another and the system will deposit all information at a single, central location within the organisation, where it will be easy to access and will be available to any authorised person to see it, subject to the same access procedure.